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Life insurance services are provided by Pacific Risk Management Group, PLLC (d/a/a Pacific Risk Management & Insurance Solutions, PLLC in California (“PRMG”). Any life insurance product placed through PRMG will earn PRMG and/or its agents a commission or referral fee. This commission is separate from any investment advisory fee charged to clients of Pacific Advisory Capital Group, LLC or Pacific Advisory Securities Group, LLC. Clients, including clients of Pacific Advisory Capital Group and/or Pacific Advisory Securities Group, LLC, are under no obligation to purchase life insurance products through or with PRMG.

In certain circumstances, clients will be directed to purchase life insurance through the Haven Life Insurance website. PRMG and its affiliated and related entities are separate from and unaffiliated with Haven Life Insurance. The Haven Life Insurance website is not controlled by PRMG or its affiliated entities and as such we shall not be liable for any loss of data or damages incurred as a result of the use of the Haven Life Insurance website.